Catering and Hotel Services

One of the keys to retaining skilled workers and ensuring optimal productivity is providing a relaxing and enjoyable environment of cleanliness, privacy and comfort, with particular emphasis upon premium food service. Bridgemans Services entrusts these service challenges to the experts of Remote Catering Services International (RCSI), a partner organization with almost 30 years of experience delivering premium level service to remotely located resorts and industrial operations. In addition to providing all manner of housekeeping, security and guest services, RCSI’s executive chefs and catering managers offer frequently changing menus, fresh ingredients and a wide range of satisfying and nutritious meals to meet varying dietary and cultural needs. The result is that off-work hours represent enjoyable and restorative respites that are invaluable to companies seeking to retain skilled workers in remote locations and maximize productivity.

Remote Catering Services International –


For more than 25 years, Remote Catering Services International (RCSI) has provided premium-level hotel management, operations and catering services for small to medium-sized workforce accommodation facilities in remote regions of Northern British Columbia. With this experience and expertise in hand, we are now ready to expand our operations to offer services to companies with large scale industrial operations in other regions of Canada and the world.

In order to assist resource companies and their contractors to attract and retain skilled workers, we offer a fully integrated suite of services designed to provide workforce members with all the security, comfort and lifestyle amenities of a modern hotel, including resort-inspired food and dining room service that caters to all dietary and cultural needs.

Whether at a temporary construction sites or permanent operations facilities, we specialize in customizing to our clients exact needs and location, ensuring that the full-service solution meets their precise specifications, including supply logistics, daily movement of crews to and from job sites and transfers in and out of region.

Most importantly, everything we do is founded on a Zero Incident approach to safety and security of staff and guests, supported by rigorous and site-specific HSE plans that exceed industry standards and align seamlessly with the safe work policies and procedures of the jobsite.

The result is that our clients can focus their attention on their business operations, secure in the knowledge that their valuable employees are accommodated in a worry-free environment of safety and comfort. To learn more, click here.