Health and Safety

Bridgemans Services is rigorously committed to a zero-incident policy in all aspects of floatel operations, and for exceeding health and safety standards of the workforce camp industry. To that end, we have developed detailed and comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment plans for each of our floatels, both at job sites and in transit.

These plans include policies, procedures and supporting manuals that are implemented, maintained, and further developed as required by management and all levels of employment. The plans also call for our managers to monitor the health and safety of all employees and guests and conduct frequent site inspections to ensure compliance, evaluate policy knowledge, and provide training opportunities. In addition, each floatel has a Health and Safety Committee to ensure that plans, policies and procedures are implemented and that potential problem areas are proactively identified and addressed. Staff orientations include a detailed focus on safe work procedures and familiarization with Health and Safety plans pertinent to their area of responsibility.

Recognizing the need to ensure seamless continuity of Health and Safety priorities at job sites, onboard floatels and during transit, our managers will work with client Health and Safety personnel to foresee and guard against all threats and circumstances on a round-the-clock basis. We can also work with clients to develop a customized medical plan to ensure that properly trained medical personnel, supplies, equipment and facilities are on board and that robust emergency evacuation plans are in place.