Why Floating Accomodation?

In regions where work sites are within proximity of tidal waters or major inland waterways, floating accommodations offer a common-sense alternative to land-based work camps, requiring minimal time to deploy and maximum flexibility as needs change.

Bridgemans’ Floatel solutions can be transported, anchored and operationalized in a fraction of the time required to establish a land-based facility. By utilizing state-of-the-art water treatment, sewage treatment and power generation services, they can be operated for indefinite periods at low costs with minimal environmental impact.

Floating accommodation solutions also require far fewer operating permits than land-based camps typically require, and are not reliant on roadway construction and maintenance. Not only that, but essential supplies such as fuel and fresh food can be delivered easily and quickly by watercraft, creating all of the same benefits of a land based property. And when workforces are no longer required, floating accommodations can be demobilized quickly, and without a trace.

As a result, Bridgemans’ Floatel solutions increasingly represent the most efficient and cost effective means for companies to initiate operations and optimize profitability.


  • Instant Housing Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Minimal Environmental Impact
  • Access to Remote Regions
  • Fewer Permits
  • Seamless Freight Logistics
  • Optimized Profitability