Bridgemans Services was created by a consortium of top-flight construction, natural resource, commercial fishing and hospitality industry leaders whose collective expertise uniquely positioned them to bring a new form of water-born industrial workforce accommodations solutions to the marketplace, along with services that far exceed conventional standards by simulating a resort-like experience for worker-guests.

Based in Richmond, British Columbia on Canada’s rugged Pacific coast, Bridgemans Services is today filling an important niche in the global resource industry by offering extraordinarily high standards of accommodations and food services as a means of assisting resource companies and their service suppliers to attract and retain mission-critical workforces in remote regions, either temporarily as construction crews or permanently as operators. More specifically, the company’s founders astutely recognized that by providing instant and flexible housing solutions, they could fulfill a strategically significant gap for natural resource companies, upon whose success entire populations rely for economic prosperity in many regions of the world. The company name is a respectful and symbolic reference to members of military bridge crews – “the bridgemen” – whose skill and heroism similarly fulfilled an essential niche requirement that enabled fellow soldiers to fulfill critical objectives.

The company’s decision to specialize in floating accommodations, or “Floatels,” is based upon the simple truth that water-born accommodation facilities can be swiftly moved in and out of regions with few permits required to operationalize and no environmental footprint left behind after decommissioning. With that as a strategic foundation, in December of 2013 Bridgemans Services secured the Silja Festival, a 555-foot former Baltic Sea ferry, and immediately converted the vessel to the highest possible standards of comfort and functionality. Just weeks later the company announced it had entered an agreement in Northwestern BC to provide accommodations and catering services for 450 workers assigned to complete the modernization of an aluminum smelter in Kitimat, British Columbia.

Since that time Bridgemans Services has secured two additional sea ferries and a 165-foot barge which has a secured platform and design to construct a 450-guest Floatel. Company milestones to date include the refit and placement of Bridgemans Europa, which was deployed in November of 2014 to accommodate over 800 workers at one of the world’s largest LNG plants, located in Western Australia. In addition, BSL has completed in-depth engineering and architectural plans and procurement agreements that now enable rapid modular construction of luxurious accommodations solutions on barge platforms. 

With an inventory of over 2400 single-occupancy rooms available to serve clients, the Bridgemans Services team continues to deliver to the most discerning companies with solutions ‎that meet timeline and project requirements in the most remote locations in the world.

Without exception, Bridgemans puts you first.