Any continent – Any coast – Any location

Bridgemans Services specializes in providing full-service floating accommodations for industrial workforces in coastal regions and major inland waterways where land-based camps cannot be constructed or are cost-ineffective to operate and decommission. In response to mission-critical needs of natural resource companies and their service suppliers to attract and retain skilled workers, we offer unique water-born accommodations that feature hotel-like services and ensure safety and extreme comfort for employees at any location on any continent.

Our floating accommodation solutions -“Floatels”- come in two classifications: cruise ships that have been refitted to feature single-room occupancy for large work forces of 264-1434, and customized accommodation barges that feature single-room occupancy for 70–450 occupants.

In addition to providing comfortable and private hotel-like accommodations, we also specialize in full-service globally-inspired catering to appeal to a wide range of appetites, dietary and cultural requirements.

Most importantly, we specialize in customizing to our clients exact needs and locations, ensuring that the full-service solution meets their exact specifications, including supply logistics and daily movement of crews to and from the job site.

The result is that our clients can focus their attention and financial resources on optimizing their business operations, secure in the knowledge that their employees are accommodated in a worry-free environment of safety, privacy and comfort.